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Macadams Baking Systems of South Africa is an ISO 9001 company and which produces 1000 Rack & 400 Deck Ovens. With the state of art software packages and improved components Macadams have engineered an oven to be rated at the very top end of quality whilst paying its way through his efficiency. Macadams are exporting to over 70 countries all over the world and is considered in top 5 Oven manufacturers in the world.

Macbake Elect. Deck Oven 1 Deck to 4 Decks/2 pans/3 pans per Deck with Ceramic Stone Plate/Strong Steaming System
Rotary Rack Ovens Models : M60, M100, M120 M180/2, M240/2, M480
URL : MACADAMS Baking Systems South Africa 
Address:I 1-4, 1st Floor, Plot No. 20, Hansraj Damodar Wadi, Off Kennedy Bridge, Opera House, Mumbai 400 004, Maharashtra, India