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JKV offers a complete range of chocolate-moulds, tempering and moulding machines, accessories and fancy packaging which appeals to the national and international demands of the chocolatier. JKV exports its products over more as one hundred countries in the world.

Because with its experience over almost 60 years, JKV knows exactly what you need for the production of high quality chocolates and chocolate-article. 

Hermes JKV 30

Hermes JKV 30 tempering- and moulding-machine with vibrating-table and a 30 kg. capacity for moulding chocolats and hollow figures.


Scraper.Capacity approx. 500 moulds per hour. Store for 15 moulds. Workingwidth 135 or 175 mm. Adaptable to Hermes JKV 30 or Hermes JKV 100.

Hermes JKV 180

Fitting to the Hermes JKV 30; this enrober to cover various sorts of fillings.

Turning Tray

Fitting to the Hermes JKV 180; an extra grill and electrical turning tray for the production of truffels.

Hermes JKV 100

Tempering-and moulding-machine with the same possibilities as the Hermes JKV 30, but with a 100kg. capacity.

Utility Tray

For use with the JKV 30 & the 100

JKV Baby Pump

Width 32 cm
Depth 20 cm
Height 10 cm
Attachment for the JKV 30 or JKV 100 for depositing a measured amount of chocolate into molds or trays.220 or 110 volts

Spinner 4 Arms

Width 70 cm
Depth 55 cm
Height 130 cm
Weight 100 kg
4 Arm spinner to produce 3D hollow products with closed bottoms.
220 volts 50/60 hz

Twinn Cutter

Width 62 cm
Depth 62 cm
Height 11 cm
Twinn cutter with interchangeable frames to divide soft fillings into squares or rectangles without moving the center mass.


Heating-cabinet to keep your couverture, metal moulds of Hermes JKV 180 stored on temperature.

Hand Operated Depositor

Width 85 cm
Depth 38 cm
Height 57 cm
Weight 17 kg
Hand operated depositor for filling moulds 275 x 135 or 275 x 175 with soft centers or chocolate.
230 volts Holds 5 liters.

JKV Junior

Width 50 cm
Depth 51 cm
Height 48 cm
Weight 32 kg
Ideal for small quantities of moulding, coloring or dipping in chocolate or coating.
220 or 110 volts.


Vibrating- table


Melting-pots with various optional divisions.(1x20 kg. - 2x9 kg. - 3x6 kg.).


Cutting-machine with interchangeable frames to divide soft fillings into squares, rectangles or diamonds.

Chocolate Planner

Electrical chocolate planing-machine

URL : JKV Holland 
Address:I 1-4, 1st Floor, Plot No. 20, Hansraj Damodar Wadi, Off Kennedy Bridge, Opera House, Mumbai 400 004, Maharashtra, India